Role Player Madness At The Deadline

By David Max Well, that didn't... escalate quickly. On a day that is circled on every hoop fans calendar, hopes were crushed and no splashes were made. Fans of both bad teams, and franchises that are a player away (maybe) didn't do much. After all the rumors and speculation, mostly none of it came to... Continue Reading →

The Disappointing Tale of Mark Jackson

 Somebody please!!! Can we as black people trade Mark Jackson? ( A la Chappelle Show racial draft), With no restrictions or provision. This dude is what we as hard working black Americans call coonery. This dude is just a disappointment. For a man who, not only did I look up to, but constantly defended in barbershop... Continue Reading →

Coaches In a Players League

Kevin McHale, Lionel Hollins, Jeff Hornacek, David Blatt, and Derek Fisher. What do all these men have in common? They were all fired before the halfway point of the season by general managers who used them as scapegoats. Here are some examples: I'll start with Kevin McHale. The Houston Rockets had 4 straight winning seasons... Continue Reading →

Marshawn The Great

By David Max   While the Denver Broncos defense was busy shutting down the Panthers offense, one of the games best players, and more so interesting players announced his retirement.    Hangin'em up Boss. He will be missed on Sundays.  Whether he's powering through  (insert team name) front seven, or pumping fear into db's when they have... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Point Guards in the NBA

By David Max   After tossing and turning over making this list, who would be on this list, and preparing for the arguments that ensue after list such as these, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. This is a topic of conversation, amongst NBA purest and casual fans alike. Especially those of... Continue Reading →

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