The Exodus Of Jim Harbaugh

Awwww yes. Harbaugh's Last Hurray. In what was supposed to be a great time in 49ers lore, The 2014 season was anything but. It was a disaster. And it started with the anticipated move from Candlestick Park to that stadium down there (Levi's Stadium). The $1 billion dollar bauble was inevitably supposed to bring a... Continue Reading →

Reflection of My Childhood Pt. 1

The 89 quake was a huge part of my life. Even though several of lives were lost and billions of dollars in damages were estimated, it was synonymous with a childhood in San Francisco. That's why I chose this iconic picture for this topic. We all have those moments in life, where we really miss... Continue Reading →

Remember When?

The era of which we live in today is convoluted with self imagery, and subliminal cries for validation. Not to say that there aren't any selfless people in our society, but how one is viewed is no longer about long term reputation, but how strangers you'll never meet see you in the moment.

NFL Top 5 Under 25

With the NBA dominating the headlines as of late, there has been less football talk then usual this time of year. We are less than a month away from preseason, and I wanted to give a closure look to players you need to be on the lookout for this upcoming season. 5 players you will... Continue Reading →

NBA Top 5 Under 25

There is plenty of talent in the Association, everywhere  you look. As I touched on in my previous article, The Youth Movement, there is a power shift brewing. So, I put together a list for those in the loop, and those who need someone outside of their favorite team to watch out for. This is the first of two... Continue Reading →

The Youth Movement

What do the Los Angeles Lakers, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Utah Jazz have in common? All three teams have young, talented, rosters— primed to be the New World Order in the West. The West is getting older and weaker under our noses. There is a real power shift going on that many may not... Continue Reading →

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