Tareau’s 10 favorite movies

You already knew that this was coming. Back to some BS, right. So with a little bit of adieu................... (see that was the adieu) here's my crappy list. Honorable Mention Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1. This was the very first movie, I've ever seen at a movie theater. It was at the New Mission theater... Continue Reading →

Divided Equality From Within

Here we are in 2016. Some things has changed for the better. Some for the worst. Can we unanimously agree that women today have more rights and power than they ever had in the history of mankind? I think the answer is Hell Yes. Now before I divulge into this next article I want to openingly state:... Continue Reading →


After all the dust has settled on football Sunday, most NFL fans jump into their familiar routines. Some begin to mentally prepare for Monday morning work, some shower, or even eat a late dinner. Myself on the other hand, I carefully comb through the statistics of quarterbacks, black quarterbacks. The subject of African-American signal callers is one... Continue Reading →

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