Raiders vs. Ravens Preview

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Son of Chappelle

Son of Chappelle was an alter ego I gave myself when I was younger. You see Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian of all time. I would mimic his jokes in the mirror and try to talk like him. The first time I saw anything Dave Chappelle related was in the mid 90s. I was... Continue Reading →

Dave’s Top 10 NBA Jerseys of All-Time


10. Toronto Raptors (1996)

The duo of Marcus Camby and Damon Stoudamire gave Michael Jordan and your precious Bulls one of those 10 losses 20 years ago in these beauties!


9. Phoenix Suns black jerseys  (Mid-90’s)

Debated wheter to go purple or black for a while. The black definitely stands out more,     and make the Sun really pop. These made me want to buy Barkley’s signature shoe! 


8. NBA Allstar jerseys (1996)

If you were watching Allstar gamespot from the 90’season to the present these should be your favorite ones. If not fight me! 


7. Washington Bullets (1995)

The name alone gets them on the list.


6. Denver Nuggets  (Mid-90’s)

Do you know who that is?  Do you at least remember the jerseys? That’s  Mahmoud Abdul Rauf.  Top 3 most underrated players of all time  wearing one of those most underrated jerseys ever. You can see the skyline…

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Dave’s Top 10 shoes from the 90’s

Wheter you grew up in the 90’season or not, you have to admit the best athletic shoes came out of that decade. I put together a list of my 10 favorite pair of shoes to come out of that great era.


     10. Nike Air Penny

I had a tough time deciding between these and the  Nike Air Ups. I adored both, but I decided I’d give his official debut signature shoe the nod.


     9. Nike Air Max ’97 aka Dan O’briens’

My cousin Terrell had these, and I wanted to borrow them more than anything,       because I knew I couldn’t have them. These shoes were classic! This shoe in.                            particular rekindleday my love for running shoes

FILA-Varsity-96-18. Fila ’96 Varsity

Oh yes! I know you…

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California Dreamin’

For my entire existence I’ve lived in California. Up North mostly—from Oakland, to San Francisco, Sacramento, and all the way down the coast to Los Angeles. The older I get, the more my mind wonders if California loves me as much as I—or it’s inhabitants have. It’s an interesting thought. Think about it, we rep this state to death with tattoos, shirts and hats. From social media, to in person bravado; we are damn near arrogant about a place that we can barely even afford to live in. It’s borderline comical. Despite the overpriced, ever shrinking square footage, people are dying to move here. Mostly, because they think they’ll become famous [LAUGH… OUT… LOUD], or they have dreams of lying on the beach and surfing. The irony of it all…Natives are moving out in record numbers, while people from other states are moving in. Those that are left are the ones stuck…

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Washington Wizards 2016/17 Season Preview

Basketball season starts soon and I couldn't be happier. Last seasons, my Warriors got punked by the CAVS and lost in a historic 7 games series. That left a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm talking about eating Liver, with Brussel Sprouts, and Horseradish. (Yuuuccckkkk). Here at we are going to preview each of the... Continue Reading →

Is the Future of the NBA in Good Hands?

Many NBA fans who come from past generations, have fond memories of greatness. Players we cling to from our childhood, ’til this day. Arguing the value of a players legacy that played decades ago. Which probably feels like centuries to younger fans. Kids of today (everyone under 21), only know of the Steph Curry’s, the LeBron’s,... Continue Reading →

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