I know, I know, I’ve been a little inconsistent with post. There is good reason for this. I have been building. Working on this podcast studio. Working on business plans. Working. This post is just to share the progress of the studio, from which all the “Magic” will be taking place. Hope you like what I’m trying to do.


This is how it looked when I first got here.




Needs some imagination




This is where I thought white paint would solve my problems… make it look “spacious”






Not so much…




Now we’re cooking with gas!!




I plan to put in a wood floor, and hang up plenty of sports memorabilia. I’ll update you all.


I promise to keep everyone updated and simultaneously entertained! Don’t forget The Couch Sports Podcast is coming soon, be prepared to tune-in

Thank you for supporting. Peace.

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      1. Sorry I missed this comment.

        Having a platform is definitely important. In due time, you can parlay it into something profitable – you have a unique voice and passion, so that is a good combination already!

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