Everything is Business

Look around. Seriously look around. Look at everything you own, and… own.

Think about how much it cost. Was it worth it? How much is it used? Everything around or near you cost money. Everything! You’re conditioned to believe you need to spend your money, on things you don’t need. Modern day society can’t go within five feet without seeing advertisement. Even without an ad, some things you see and realize you need it. Food, a haircut, a lawn mower, a jacket, make-up. Everything is business.

The phone you’re probably reading this article on was bought because of what it can do. Namely get on the internet. Are you old enough to remember not needing the internet, and having to figure things out? Remember when everyone didn’t look like this:


That phone was marketed to you, and you get an advertisement in your face every time you do anything on your phone. Business!

You need to do laundry on those clothes you bought at one point in time right? You need to purchase detergent. There are so many to choose from. And, they all are vying for your dollar.


Colorful designs, carefully crafted phrases. Do you own a home? If so, you bought a washing machine and dryer. Are you getting the point?

Business is all around us. The people who have  found an exit out of the rat race, had the guts to go for the glory—or became fed up and determined not to be pawns any longer.

For example, you ever hear follow your dreams? Some do. But, so many people have spotted a need, or became great at something. You may be oblivious to it.

Do you like McDonalds coffee? Ever thought about who manufactured the cup the actual coffee is in?



Probably not, but they are making a killing slangin’ cups!

Is this becoming redundant? Good, thats the point, because that’s what advertisements do everyday. Put their products in our face all day, planting seeds of consumerism in your mental.

Everything you do involves you giving away your money and making someone else rich.


When are you going to stop giving and start collecting?

Are you a producer or a consumer?


22 thoughts on “Everything is Business

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  1. It’s so true cousin. What I really hate is when I purchase something on amazon and when I go to another website, the new website is advertising a similar product that I just bought on amazon. Capitalism is the ole “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Great article

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    1. Thank you kind sir! Yea everything is designed to take our money, and we are conditioned to give it away. We need to spread awareness of this problem. This is why people get old and are broke. Habits from their youth

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      1. I think in our community one of the reasons for this is never having anything growing up l, thus not knowing your value as a human. How many times have we got a raise in our youth, and blew it all on BS? Nothing to show for it today, right? Rims, tattoos, stupid outfits, outrageous haircuts, dvds, cds, etc. No monetary value at all.

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      1. Dead sleep!
        Too many people don’t realize how long and how often people have been planting things in our minds that do NOT belong to us 🙂
        Many of us just let that stuff take root–never waking up.
        We have to take charge of our thought life. If we do that then everything else will fall in place 🙂
        Again, great post Dave 🙂

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  2. Fire post bro!

    I was at the gas station today … and now all the pumps have a built-in television so they can bombard drivers with ads as they fill their tanks for a minute or so.

    I was at the casino a few months ago … and I stepped into the bathroom. There were speakers all around hitting me with ads I was taking a leak. Shameless … as people sit on the toilet with their pants around their ankles, the bosses are thinking “hmmm..this is an opportunity.” Pretty soon the toilet paper is going to be a roll of straight advertisements lmao

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    1. hahahaha exactly right! The gas station thing messed me up when I first seen it, I always see the slickery. Roll of advertisements are coming soon, just wait. Because they are running out of things to advertise on. Look what they are doing to youtube. Trying to make you pay for ad-free videos. Life’s going to be either face the advertising music, or pay to not see it. Business! Crazy

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      1. For real! Talk about slickery … they be advertising in ways we don’t even realize are advertisements. Every time we put on a pair of Nikes and someone peeps the Nike logo, thats a lowkey advertisement! Lol. What we call “style” IS an advertisement

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      2. Exactly my point. We are all trained. Everything we take in visually is sort of planting a seed in your subconscious, to blossom into consumerism later. It’s wild to think about. And I mean everything! Phones, clothes, food, everything. That’s why I say build your dream. Collect more than you give away.

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    2. As you said, everything is an advertisement. Every time you wear another man’s name on your back you advertising for that man. It kills me to see black people walking around with such and such on thinking thy are doing something because they have a name on them. No all you are doing is paying to advertise their product. It’s a double win for them.

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      1. Great point about jerseys. Add to this the fact that black folks were robbed of their names during slavery, so now we wear our master’s names. When we run around with another man’s name on our back, we are all the more stripped.

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      2. Yes plus white people want to act like nothing ever happened to get us into this predicament. That’s when you ask them, “Do I look like a Darryl Walker?” it deads everything. Our names show that our history and roots have been completely pulled from up under us.

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