Support #5 and Book I’m reading #3

*SPOILER ALERT, LADY G, DO NOT READ, I repeat Lady G, DO Not Read. Don’t do it Gwinn*


Ok, the last book I read was called “The Unhappy Wife” by Dr. K.E. Garland. It was a very informative look into the mindsets of Women from the Midwest and the South, who have been abused, cheated on, and used. All of these women either had to overcome something or someone to leave their husbands or forgive their husbands. I would like to highlight a few things from this amazing book.

Miss Sharlene’s story started in 1977. She Married 5 times in her lifetime and she explains in depth what happened with each marriage. The most powerful quote I’ve heard in a long time was this.

“There’s no perfect person. We as women are not perfect. We have imperfections. But the thing is, we’recommend looking for perfections in a man. And that’s where we go wrong.”

Wow. That is truth. And this isn’t a book about male bashing or anything like that. It simply explains what a lot of Women of color in the South are conditioned to believe. Whether it’s Christianity, families, status, a lot of these women (my point of view) seemed as if they were marrying for other things and not themselves. Maybe because marriage is a big deal in the bible belt and maybe I could be slightly misinformed due to me being raised in San Francisco Ca, but I felt at times that there was a fight within these women to not be unmarried no matter the case. I do know if being single or by yourself is taboo in those areas, but I noticed that common pattern. I felt like it was an unforeseen, mental competition to not be alone without a Man. This was a great read and I commend Dr. Garland for helping these women and being there to jot their journey down.


The next book I will be reading, also comes from a fellow blogger and y’all know, I’m all about supporting our businesses. This book is called “Wealth is a Mind$et” by Shynna Key. She has her own YouTube channel where she talks about wealth and money management. I will definitely let you know what I think once I’m done. Thank you for your support.



T-Money out 😎

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    1. No and No. I warned you not to look, and I knew you was hard headed. I knew it. I said “Lady G is gonna look cause nobody tells lady G what to do”

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    1. Hahahahaha get ready Dr. Garland. I’ve also recommended your book to a few friends of mines as well. I would love to discuss the characters next year with you when you have your open discussion.

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      1. Awww thanks luv! And most definitely. I’m deciding now if I want to do it one character at a time over the year or on section at a time over three months. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Reblogged this on K E Garland and commented:
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. WordPress bloggers are some of the MOST supportive people I’ve never met. This post is no exception! Although he’s not a book blogger, Tareau not only ordered The Unhappy Wife, but also read and commented. Check out his favorite story and stay tuned for my upcoming series of conversations centered on each wife’s story.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Mrs. Gorman. As a single father of 3, (Daughter 11 and twin son’s 9), I would never push marriage on them. Marriage and finding the perfect man is instilled on ladies way before they can even drive a car. They neglect to find themselves and end up catering to someone who they misconstrued love for something else. Without giving away anything, my big mouth will reserve commenting more lmfao hahahahahha. Once again thanks

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  2. Ooh The Unhappy Wife sounds juicy. I’m born & raised in the South so I can for sure say that many of us women marry for other reasons than true love. Sucks right?! It helps though to hear stories from other women and situations that I can relate to. Think I may add this to my December book challenge. Thanks for the unbiased review!

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    1. Yes this book opened my eyes about alot of things. There is a cultural difference from the south to where I’m from (San Francisco Ca). When you get the book, we can discuss more because I don’t want to ruin anything.

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      1. Well hello Mr Barron and how are you on this fine morning? 🙂 Mr Barron, I’ll have you know that I engage in many forms of expression, but I balk at “sarcasm” when commenting on the talents of my fellow bloggers. In other words no it ain’t! Me? sarcastic? Tareau you should know better than that. It was a brilliant review and I was very impressed. 🙂

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      2. Lmfao I’m sorry, you were on a joke and sarcasm roll, so I didn’t know if you were being silly or serious. Yes that book really opened my eyes on alot of things in this country. Have you read it?


      3. I was on a joke and sarcasm roll, but that was LAST WEEK, Tareau! Last week I was just adding my comments to the jokey thing that was going on between you and Lady G.
        Tareau, Tareau, Tareau, I know when to joke and when to be serious! LOL No I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I expect that I will at some stage if I get hold of a copy. Apology accepted. :))))

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      4. All cool. Yea Lady G is mad because she is being a diva and taking her sweet time reading the book. She knows I wanna hear feedback from her. Lmfao yall see how she do. Much love to you

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      5. Hahahahaha I know I know. I got the utmost love and respect for that lady g. I’m being spoiled where you at lady g, huh? The world awaits ya feedback.

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      6. Hey Mr Barron, you recently complained that I had been “dissing” you and had not posted for over one week. So I write a post yesterday, and your comments are nowhere to be seen? Are you out splashing kids? Are you out being a girl? Get over to mariewilliams53 right now!!! hhahahhaha (hope you’re not sick, ignore this if you are). :)))

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      7. Hahahahahahaha well I do fear lady g more than you and Lady G is geographically closer and I don’t want her to come looking for me. Hahahahaha


      8. Oh no. No no no, why did you provoke her. See now I’m in trouble hahahaha. Nope I vehemently disagree lady g is a lioness. See you trying to make her win the war

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      9. No Tareau I’m not trying to make her win the war. I thought you lived in San Francisco? Isn’t that where the flower people come from and speak of nothing but PEACE and LOVE? Alright then, Lady g is a baby lioness … she just like to play. She don’t know nothin’ ’bout fightin’ hahahahhahhahha

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      10. Lady G I did not say that. Mrs. Williams said that on her own. Hahahahaha Yea too bad there are no more flower people here in the city.

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