Tareau’s top 5 love songs ๐Ÿ˜‰


There is a lot of hate, like real hate in today’s society. Let’s spread some love, shall we? I’m thankful for the 70’s being instilled into my mind at a young age. Although I was born in the 80s, the 70s dominated my household. Today there is no love making music. Just lust and sex. No more passion. These songs taught me so much hahahahahabahahaha.You find that special someone and there’s no limit to romance. Keywords are “SPECIAL SOMEONE.”ย ย That ol skool loving. MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM. So without further ado, LET’S GET IT ONย 

5. Teddy Pendergrass “Turn off the lights”

See first you gotta set the mood y’all


4. Marvin Gaye “Let’s get it on”

See you done initiated so keep up


3. Prince “Erotica City”


Haha Get it in y’all

2. Marvin Sease “Candy Licker”


No Comment ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

1. The Manhattan’s “Kiss and say goodbye”


Tareau, you da coldest brotha, how you just gonna do that, love em and leave em? How you still want a last kiss before you leave?ย 


Come on y’all can’t be mad right? I want to do a 70s/80s album pose one day. You know how all the album covers were sexually motivating. Taco meat, gold chains, lustful eyes, hahahahahaha. What do you think? What would be your list?



38 thoughts on “Tareau’s top 5 love songs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Add yours

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha not trying in that pic Dr. Garland. Just flat out AM. Hahahahaha. I had to do the comparison. We as adults need a laughter about ADULT situations. Hahaha thanks for the love

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      1. I don’t think I knew that. LOVE her. My hubby loves her a little too much, I think, but I actually like her music lol One album back in the day had hit after hit, which now is pretty unheard of.

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      2. Hey I’m with your husband, sweet ole Chante Precious Moore mmmm. Whoops hahahahaha. Well it’s only fair because You have Brian McKnight and all the other fellas

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      1. Oh now we don’t know that we done sung all these romantical songs and done got the cookies and then done told us to kiss and say goodbye!
        I’m repping the ladies!

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  1. Ahhhhhh I see you on your pretty boy status! Fresh out the barber shop with the RocaWear button up … gotta floss for the ladies right quick! Lol, I ain’t mad at cha!

    Dope list! Definitely some baby-making music on this. I am sure you could do a top 100 list with this!

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      1. I feel you! Be there writing all day and such! Just off my current mood, my top five would be (no order):

        Ronald Isley – For the Love of You
        Prince – Damn U
        Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet
        George Duke – The Times We’ve Known
        Ledisi – I Blame You

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    1. Brother Darryl,
      Did you just holler “Damn U” by The Great Purple one Prince?
      The one where he goes from high falsetto down to love baritone showing his ENTIRE vocal range!
      Oh no you didn’t !!!!
      Go ‘head on D.W., Jr. !
      You have just done D.W., Sr. real proud!!!

      And on that note Lady G is going to sleep.

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      1. Sweet dreams my friend. We have to talk about Damn U soon. That is my favorite song by him! That high to low is bananas. My girlfriend had a poster of Prince made with the lyrics of Damn U printed on it. The video for that song is super smooth. .. speak soon!!!


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