First Californian Snow



I’m out here losing my mind! I’m  So freakin’ juiced right now!! As a native Californian, who didn’t travel much growing up, I’ll admit I’ve never seen snow before. Never. I’ve never touched it, seen it, been in it. Ever! Well I’ve seen it on Youtube. Not sure if that counts. Anyway, here’s a few pics and a quick video. Enjoy.





Wishing for a snow day!



To me this is a blizzard!



Peep the fancy footwork tho! 👇🏿👇🏿


I’ll post a video of me dancing in the snow when I get the video from Keish… And yes, I’m in shorts and boots! I couldn’t find my sweats. Thank you for viewing my foolishness haha.




28 thoughts on “First Californian Snow

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      1. You tell Kisha that she can take her arugula tasting, law and order watching, coney stealing butt somewhere. Quote me hahahhahahaha

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  1. I know I been on meds but I swear I heard that they are getting snow in places like Seattle, where it historically doesn’t snow, and Hawaii!
    That looks like fun!!!

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