The Couch Sports Merch!

Shout out to co-founder Tareau Barron for getting us some merchandise for our β€” and your life uses. Check it out, and let us know if you want anything. Also remember more will be on the way.


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19 thoughts on “The Couch Sports Merch!

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      1. Hahaha ok we got you. Tareau got it thru Vista print so on the mug the logo didn’t completely…. What’s the word…. the whole logo cuts off. I’m a little upset by it, and I don’t know whether to complain to them or order new ones. So if you want I’ll send both when I get the new mugs. Let me know.

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  1. Tareau actually know how to do something besides harass, harangue and troll shit?
    I tell you what!
    That dude never ceases to amaze me.
    No seriously, this is too cool!
    I’ll buy something!
    Are you going to put a widget to purchase stuff on the blog?

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    1. “Never ceases to amaze me” y’all see that right? I’m like Steve Urkel wearing down Laura. Hahahahah Lady G is getting a soft spot hahahahaha. Dave that’s a good idea that Lady G had for widget. You better buy something, Rayquan is depending on it since you denied his credit. Smdh.

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      1. I approved Rayquan’s credit!!!
        Get it RIGHT!
        I denied yours!
        I went back and read where Dave said he was going to put something on the blog to buy stuff. I shoulda read all the comments before I asked😳
        And, of course, Lady G has a soft spot for you. I just have to watch your ass tho.

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