Movie review #6: Fences

Riveting. Just Riveting. Man Viola Davis can cry her butt of, right? I could just end it right there. Man this movie had me going through the motions. I snuck in some Tropical Mike & Ikes, and kicked back and let the movie take me away. Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson. Troy is a hard working, Shit talking, garbage man who resides in a middle class black suburb in the late 1950s early 1960s. Troy is married to his God-fearing wife Rose Maxson  (Viola Davis). They have a son named Corey (Jovan Adepo) who is 17 years old and has taken a keen interest in playing college football. (To his father’s dismay of course) Troy’s best friend is named Bono (Stephen McKinley Henderson) who has known Troy for well over 25 years. Troy also has a son from a previous relationship who is a 34 year old struggling musician named Lyons Maxson (Russell Hornsby). Troy is also the Guardian of his brother’s financial estate Gabe Maxson (Mykelti Williamson) a WW2 veteran who got shot in his head and who is deemed to many as slow or “ain’t right” due to having a metal plate in his head.

This movie starts off in your face, as Troy and Bono are on the back of their garbage truck talking shit. Man oh man Denzel was talking all kinds of smack and it was well within his character. Troy would often tell stories of how he played in Baseball in the Negro League before getting drafted and going to fight in WW2. By the time he gets back from the war, he is too old to play baseball. This part is relatable to a lot of men who has played sports and realizing that the sport the play is a young man’s game. Troy is also fighting his Union at work to hire a colored driver.

Home life at the Maxson’s household is pretty standard for Blacks in that time. Papa goes to work and gets paid every Friday, Mama is a devout Christian who is also a homemaker and dotting mother, and the Son who’s #1 priority is to respect his parents, followed by chores, then school, then work. Bono is a regular at the Maxson’s household and the men reminisce of tales from prison, baseball, childhood, and women.

The movie takes a real emotional twist when Bono notices that Troy becoming to flirty with a lady at the bar. Troy downplays his extra flirting until it is revealed that……….

I can’t tell you, you have to see this amazing movie. I give this movie an A+. Please go and watch this film.

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  1. Agreed. And if anyone can, they should read the play. I just found out that August Wilson, the author, showed the play to his high school teacher, and she accused him of plagiarism. Afterwards, he didn’t return to high school for all four years. Instead, he went to the library and studied what he wanted.

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    1. Wow that is incredible Dr. Garland. I purposely did not fill in the rest because I really want people to see this film. Lmfao how Denzel started talking $#it the opening credits hahahahahahahaha. Man Viola Davis’ cries really sticks with your bones.

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      1. Hahahaha do you think that she can naturally do that or is that special effects? Because on HTGAWM she does the same thing. What was your favorite part of the movie?

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      2. I honestly think the entire thing. There are just some parts I think are not necessarily believable, back then or now. For example when Bono pulls Troy to the side and tries to steer him right. Do you think men would do that today? I’m asking cause you’re a man. I also don’t know if women could do what Rose did. Um…I know I wouldn’t.

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      3. Lmfao it’s funny you say that because when I read your book some of the parts in your book reminds me of what Rose would go through. Considering at that time where women especially Colored Women did not have much rights those kind of situations were very common believe it or not. Today I have to agree with you on the talk that Bono and Troy have because honestly there aren’t too many men who would do that. I honestly thought for a second that bottle was going to try to get at Rose out of spite or Revenge.

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      4. It was shocking as a fan for Denzel to play kind of a dead beat in a sense. I never saw a Denzel movie where I was rooting against him for being an asshole lmao.

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  2. My dude ! Good review ! I just left the movie seeing this ! It was real good. They did justice to August Wilson’s original work. The casting was on point. Interesting how Denzel was about 40 pounds heavier for this role – it really sold Troy’s character.

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    1. Man I was uncomfortable seeing Denzel play a no good brotha at first. My favorite part is when he was telling his son about why he doesn’t like him. Viola Davis pain was felt deep in my bones. I loved the metaphor for death. It was Karma. Death didn’t come for him but instead death took his baby mama. That’s an untold rule about death. Mykelti can play those roles great can’t he.

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      1. Broo that was my favorite part too! “I don’t gotta like you”. That was fire. That dynamic reminds me of me and my father, so it had alot of power.

        Viola made this movie! My favorite line from her was near the end when she told Troy : “this child has a mother … but you a womanless man”. Damnnn sleeping on the couch bro. That’s tough. He had a side piece, got her pregnant, she died, and then his wife left him!? Damnn!!!

        I loved the death and baseball metaphor too. But I wonder why he didn’t give the son that third strike lmao. He had two strikes but never got the third.

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      2. That was the metaphor. His son leaving to the Marines and becoming a man and his father dying and him not having a relationship with his sister, in my eyes was his 3rd strike.

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      3. Hmm. I like that interpretation! I wanted there to be a dramatic showdown between him and Troy where Troy actually says “strike three, you’re out!” Lol.

        What did you think of the Marines angle? I thought it was kinda ehh…

        Another great Viola moment: when Corey thought he was a grown ass man in his Marine suit talking about he ain’t going to the funeral, and then she pimp smacked him like “I don’t wanna hear that nonsense” Lmaoooo

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      4. I think that scene was powerful. It it wasn’t for the Lil girl singing the song that Denzel used to sing about the old dog, he would of still skipped out. I also th ought it was random that Denzel character didn’t have a driver’s license to drive the garbage truck. Hahahahahahahaahahaha


      1. I heard the writer made a request before he died for the directors of his works to always be Black! Isn’t that awesome?? So Blacks will always have work living out his vision.

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  3. This was a nice review. I know seven people that saw Fences and they all loved it. They said the acting was very powerful. Which I expected since Denzel and Viola always bring their A game. I will have to check this film out.

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