Support #7 

Yall know my greedy ass loves snacks. “All the fries you can give me”  type of greedy. (Bonus points if you know where that’s from). Today I am supporting the ladies @ for their delicious baked goods. I ordered online and they shipped it to me asap. Shout out to fellow blogger ms Kelley aka for introducing me to their product. All about supporting yall. I ordered some browned butter brown sugar cookies + praline brownies. 

Take a look 

Do you have a black owned business you would like me to check out? Please give mefeedvack. Also if you’re around you can have a brownie, I’m in a sharing mood. Hahahahhahaahahahha ✌

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    1. Haha right on man. I talk a lot of shit but I’m down for supporting our brothas and sistahs. These brownies are on point man. Do you know any other black businesses using WordPress? My goal is to give as much love as I can.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with going after the snacks when it’s helping our black-owned/operated businesses, brother! Wow. They sure look good. I can see why you’d want to change those plans and examine them up close and personal!

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    1. Hahahahahahahaha. I’ve made it a goal awhile ago to support black businesses without breaking my pockets. Imagine if everyone thought like that. My entertainment budget is $75 dollars a week so I will spend $20- $40 supporting a business. I may not make a lot of money but it’s a start. We have to reinvest in our communities and see our dollar exchange multiple black hands.

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      1. That’s a great goal and one I’ll start looking into. I know Dr. Boyce Watkins talks a lot about the concept and impact it would have too. You’re on a good path, brother.

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    1. Yes Kelly’s snacks are the business. And Kelly is amazing and all but what about merchandise huh? Hmmmm maybe you would be interested in not only purchasing some brownies but a tshirt or a mug? Sorry Kelly hahahah. Btw Josie I have some more WB comedies to check out…
      Extract, the boss, Dirty grandpa, the night before, this is 40, green hornet,

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      1. lmbo I hate sports! But my God do I love a good mug. I’m about to post my dream mug collection pretty soon in fact lol. Let me go see what you’re working with. And right now, I’m bored as heck so I need a movie to watch. I’ve seen Dirty Grandpa (loved it). But not the other ones. Which should I watch first?

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      2. There’s plenty more… the goods: live hard sell hard, baseketball, drowning Mona, cedar Rapids, superbad, old school, screwed,


      3. We have a paypal setup and we are trying to get it through the website. Sigh* black people right. We have mugs, tshirts, magnets, pens, caps. Mugs are $13 plus shipping.

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      4. lmao yes, damn black people! I’ll take a mug, please! Don’t feel like you have to read these posts but you can see some of my fav mugs in them 😀 ….this one passed away though 😦

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