The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 46

Special Guest: Keisha Allen from


The Trump Wall and Distractions

The Mark Zuckerberg Wall

Know Your Loop Holes



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16 thoughts on “The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 46

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      1. I wanted to talk a little bit about Trump, the Wall, and the travel ban. From there, if you’d like, we can freestyle and/or talk about the Super Bowl as it relates to politics and such because it’s next week. I just wanted to address the elephant in the room. Anything you think I should brush up on?


      2. Nah, I just wanted to feel a little more well versed. All my life I hated politics. But as I get older I see the importance of keeping up. The last show listening to you and Tareau made me realize I should start paying a lot more attention in the very near future. Thanks man

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      3. It’s all good. Comes with time. Let me know if you want to switch topics, or just relate it to something you are more comfortable discussing. It’s all related: the wall, business, culture, etc – it all connects, somehow. Thanks for having me on bro – see you in a bit!


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