The Couch Sports Vlog Intro

I made an intro for our Youtube channel, I would like your opinion. I worked hard on it, but I just want to know what the people think. It’s only 1 minute long. I don’t know why it say’s 6 minutes. [I need one of you video editing guru’s to send me a message me]

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    1. lol thanks Sista Kelley! Actually I’m a bit frustrated trying to figure out how to get that extra 5 1/2 minutes out of there. iMovie isn’t all the beginner friendly… I’ll figure it out tho. Thank you for your feedback

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    1. LMAO Brotha Eddie I was tagging that thing to death hahaha. I’m hella excited about this video breakthrough. I just have to figure out the editing part. As you can see after he visuals are gone it keeps going on for 5 more minutes. I’m frustrated about that.

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      1. Ive decided to go back to YouTube also. SoundCloud is starting to ask me for money. They will only let me upload so much for free. Don’t worry about editing for now, most youtubers spend 6-8 hours on editing every video. Editing is a long and arduous process. Sports is an easy outlet to get viewers, just make sure the tags are relevant and they will come.

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      2. Is it wrong that I tag things that don’t pertain to the show? Just because certain people or topics are “poppin” at the moment hahaha. Yea SoundCloud does that so you can load as many videos as you want, but if you don’t want to pay I get it. Submit your shows to TuneIn, and Stitcher. They are free and huge Podcast outlets

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      3. People do it all the time, the best advice I can give you is to create catchy clickbait funny thumbnails. You will see your views jump up higher. I never heard of stitcher, but tunein I never understood how to get that cracking.

        The sports talk will get you many Detroit fans, especially if you title and date your videos after every game. Next thing you know, you will be scheduling live stream Google hangouts after the game.

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      4. I was so tempted to put scantily clad girls on a thumbnail just to see what would happen! On some ultimate click bait shit hahaha. Stitcher is huge for podcast, and I sent TuneIn an email and submitted my feed. Although I still don’t have a damn partner portal like I do with Stitcher… Your idea with Detroit is a goal I’m aiming for. If I’m going to be here, I might as well go all the way. Just have to be more consistent. Thanks for the feedback bro

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      5. Absolutely, the subs will pile up. I started vlogging about Lakers when no one else was doing it, once it caught fire I had all types of copycats. Now there is a plethora of laker vlogtalks, so beware of biters, cause they will steal your content and do it with more flare if they have more youtube experience. Prepare for wannabes and competition, that is the sole reason I stop making sports vlogs, but if you can handle it than its cool. I just couldn’t. Guys doing the same video you did, saying the same shit, but getting more views and sub’s –While you struggle. That is why its good that you guys switch and intersect with politics and current events.

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      6. Yea I was afraid of that. Some people are so desperate to be famous they will step all over your toes and won’t think twice. I really want to learn how to put The Couch logo on the video while it’s playing. And also really develop my style to the point where everyone knows the competition is biting. It’s going to be a minute tho

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      7. Yes, I went through it. I avoided subbing to this other guys channel because I knew he was sneak dissing me and my point of view. I didn’t want his point of view tainting my ideas, so I never watched his videos. One time I made a video that was the exact opposite of his, unknowingly, and he thought I was clowning him because I was ripping media pundits who were following the latest trend without using logic. Lol. He commented “hey man I meant blah blah blah”, and I said it wasn’t directed towards you, I was talking about skip bayless and Stephen A,. Its little petty shit like that, that you have to look out for. The positive outweigh the negatives though, as long as you have a upload schedule.


  1. The logo you are talking about is called a lower third. You can do it in the youtube creator studio (desktop) and go to options next to monetization, you will see a part that says branding. Put your logo there and youtube will do it for you, but it is not the same as doing it yourself via iMovie, which I don’t know how to do, but hey its better than nothing.


      1. Another thing, I know I’m going ham and cheese in your comment section but this is some gems I’m dropping on you. After 100 sub’s you can customize your youtube channel handle. Say you want the youtube handle “” you can do that after 100 sub’s, but before you have to stick with the random handle they give you.

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  2. I like the intro! I love the timing with “; allow me to reintroduce myself” and the game starting. Super dope! You really don’t need to make any changes BUT, I love editing so I have some suggestions that might add to what you’ve already created:

    1. If the audio of Malcom X can be inserted without the picture and text, then I would suggest starting the audio immediately at the start of the video as the couch is coming into the screen. It would help with the dead air in the beginning. Also, it would be fitting to hear the words “distinguished guests” as the couch appears as couches/living rooms are where you entertain guests :).

    2. I would suggest placing the 2nd Couch Sports Podcast photo (the one at 29 seconds) before “no mainstream media bullshit” instead of after.

    3. Have the text ‘Sports from real fans, for real fans’ stay on screen a few seconds longer (about as long as the ‘no mainstream media bullshit’ text) before fading out.

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    1. Wow, you sound like you really do editing. Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll try them out in the morning. I just learned how a month or two ago. I’m transitioning us toward more vlogs, so those tid bits help. Thank you Sista Josie

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      1. Anytime! I can’t wait to check out the vlogs as well. You have a great start already and as Eddie said, editing comes down the road. I’m learning to just put my dreams into motion and edit as I go. Let me know if you want me to check the edits out as you experiment. I’m working from home this week so I have nothing but time lol.


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