That !@#$% Tom Brady 

Arrrrgggghhh he did it again. He passed Joe Montana. Now I have to hear about him being the greatest NFL players ever. Dammit. Man. Well I am going to be petty. Joe Montana never lost a Superbowl 😃. Man what a game. Lots of 1sts. Superbowl 51 did not disappoint. 1st overtime Superbowl. The Patriots were down 25 at one point. And this man Tom Brady came through and did what Tom Brady do. (Man, forget that I am still going to be petty. Tom Brady went to Serra High School, which is 25 miles from my old high school. My basketball team beat Serra’s basketball team in a summer league exhibition game in 1999. I had 25 pts 12 rebs and 5 blks that game) So blah. Hahahahahaha. Man what a game. I fast forward through the commercials and I didn’t watch the halftime show. I had a plethora of food for myself. Yes only me. Nachos, Fajitas, hot pockets, Kool Aid, Grand Marnier, and water. 

Anyways Tom Brady finished Superbowl 51 with 466 passing yards. Brad’s cast of characters all contributed as well. In the end however Atlanta’s defense did not stop the Patriots from scoring. They looked tired and made big mistakes in clutch situations. We have to remember, the Patriots have been here befire, and to the naked eye, experience doesnt really mean anything, but it does. It felt after halftime the Falcons were just cruising and they did not play with a sense of urgency. Tom Brady lives in this moment. I had several phone calls and texts messages from everyone, telling me that it is the end for Brady. Obviously I may dislike Tom Brady but I am not stupid. It felt like Tom Brady was baiting Atlanta, and as soon as Atlanta bit the bait, Brady Attacked. Anyways, sorry to bother you guys, but here’s my reaction to the last play of the game… click link please.

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  1. Man, I am from New England and I wanted Brady and them to lose. Brady is a gotdamn Trump supporter! That’s not cool. I hate how Kaepernick caught hell for taking a knee due to racial injustice, but Tom Brady gets to sport a Make America Great Again hat and no one cares.

    I was tight last night bro. I was loving it when the Falcons were murdering them like 28-3 or whatever. But then, its like … the Falcons gave up. And the Patriots stepped up their offensive line. It was remarkable. Once Brady gets into his zone … lights out. It was good to see – but I am still tight lmao

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    1. Lmfao I felt your pain man, when I posted the video I was like, man I hope brotha Darryl does not see this. Hahahhaah. The Falcons lost that Superbowl. They celebrated early. Tom Brady loves that type of atmosphere. And yes White athletes will always be able to do what they want.

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      1. Hahahahahahaha it was your fault because you didn’t watch. Lady G we know you were Toni Braxton in the mid 90s. Which 2 Atlanta Falcons players you got fighting over you? Huh?

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      2. Lmao! Yes. Now the Patriots are running around to different states in the region and having parades. . shutting down traffic like they have no gotdamn sense! Lol. But did you see: maddddd black dudes on the Patriots are refusing to meet with Trump at the White House!???!! That type of stuff makes me somewhat proud!

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      3. Hahahaha. Dave and I talked about this awhile ago. You know who Obama went to all the sporting events. What’s gonna happen if Trump goes somewhere? Or when the WNBA wins the championship, the whole team might not go to the White House.

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      4. Lol – that’ll be epic! This is wonderful; I love when Trump gets the middle finger from all directions bro. One of my personal favorites was when Trump was on the campaign trail … he would enter the arenas while an Earth, Wind & Fire track played in the background. And the EWF called him and said “yeahhh.. we gon need you to stop using our songs at your events” lmao. Love it!

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      5. LOL!!!!
        But seriously, I am proud of them for refusing to go.
        Why the hell would they want to break bread with someone who is trying to break their brother’s back?
        Honestly, I ain’t feeling any black ‘patriot’ that does go.

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      6. Exactly. Hey, have you been watching the Saturday Night Live episodes recently? They have been hilarious! The writers don’t even have to work anymore. It is at the point where they are just copying and pasting excerpts from Trump speeches and they are hilarious! You’ll love them if you haven’t peeped them!

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      7. MAN!!!! YAASSSS!
        I screamed when they did the skit of Trump taking the U.S Federal District Court to The People’s Court!
        I. HOLLERED.
        But when ‘Trump’ pulled out his own gavel I just about died! LOL!!!!

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      8. Hey but you need to get to my blog. We are continuing one of my friends posts on love jams! I just dropped “Why have I lost you.” by Cameo sung by the late Wayne Cooper…FALSETTO Extraordinaire!
        If you don’t know that one you need to ask BIG D. …Big Darryl that is!!!

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    2. In response to that. I may be reaching with this conspiracy theory. Remember it’s just a thought. But they won just like in 2001. After we had “terror” attacks. To make America patriotic the patriots when that year. Fast forward to 2016 we have the slogan “Make America Great (patriotic) Again!” The Patriots win again. As I said I could be reaching. I didn’t watch so I don’t know.

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      1. I don’t think it’s a reach per se. I think it would be interesting to have you complete the theory. The Pats won in 2001/2002 and 2016/2017 as you pointed out, but they also won in these years: 2003/2004, 2004/2005, and 2014/2015. How would you account for those three?

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      2. That’s a good question. I really don’t know and I thought about that. But I do recall cheating being in the mix. Plus they could’ve won just to make it seem as though they’re actually a good team. I say that because in my mind it’s all just entertainment. Even in football, strings can and have been pulled. But I will have to look into those years and see if anything was happening to connect the dots. I’ll will try tho.

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      3. We don’t really need conspiracy theories – people in power conspire against us by using football. It is a fact that the Department of Defense paid 14 football teams in exchange for displays of patriotism (flags, soldiers, etc) at their games.

        Football, in itself, is a replica of warfare. In military language, to bombard and overcome enemy territory means to “sack” it : also the term used to describe tackling a QB. The offense gets in “shotgun” formation, and “marches” down the field, throwing “bullets” to teammates as they invade “enemy territory”. The defense tries to “blitz” the QB .. a term used in warfare to describe a rapid assault. If the game goes into overtime, we need “sudden death”. The game of football is designed to transmit the logic of war while simultaneously making it fun.

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      4. Nope, not at all. All the cities after 9/11 started winning. D.C., NY, etc. I know that the Patriots are built for these conspiracies however hahahahah

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    1. Hey hey what’s up. Born and raised in San Francisco here, elliebleu. Last of a dying breed, I’m still here haha. Yes I agree Edelman catch is one of the best things in football I’ve ever seen, and I hate the Patriots. The Falcons lost that Superbowl. They’re not used to the lime light and there was alot of questionable play calling in the 2nd half. Well at least Joe Montana, never lost a Superbowl hahahahahha

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      1. We had to move because San Francisco was too expensive for a family of five. I miss it though 🙂 I watched the game with a room full of Patriot fans. I guess you either love or hate them, the team that is. But I have nothing but respect for Brady and White turning the game around.

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