Movie Review #15: A Dog’s Purpose 


Been a while, right? Yes it has. Well the movies that are out now, honestly I don’t care for. I wanted to see this movie for a while now, but the timing was difficult, due to my work schedule. So I made time. (What did you sneak in Tareau?) Reece’s mini’s and a bottle water. I also had a dollar off on the slushy, so I used that. Ha. Anyways A Dog’s Purpose is an excellent film. I am no way a dog lover. I like dogs, but I don’t love em. I prefer cats. The film is about a dog whose original name is Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad) a red retriever who is searching for his purpose in life. After a rough start as an orphan, Bailey is adopted by a little boy named Ethan (young Ethan played by Bryce Gheisar). Ethan is a charismatic, young boy who lives in Middle America during the early 1960s. His mother is a homemaker named Elizabeth Montgomery  (Juliet Rylance) and his father is a door to door salesman who also is surly and has a drinking problem. His name is Jim Montgomery  (Luke Montgomery). Young Ethan convinces his parents to let him keep the stray dog and typical hilarity ensues. From butt jokes, to sneaking food, to getting into dog mischief. The movie is very predictable but it’s a calm and warmth predictability. The movie takes a interesting turn when Ethan (now older) and he meets his love interest at a fair named Hannah (Britt Robertson). With the help of Bailey, Ethan works up enough courage to ask Hannah. The story slows down a little bit, and you see the young stars fall in love and are inseparable. Ethan is also being scouted to play football at Michigan State and his life couldn’t be better. Unfortunately Ethan gets into a fight with his dad, who had just beat up Mrs. Montgomery and not only that, Ethan has a jealous friend who sets Ethan’s house on fire. Ethan breaks his foot escaping the fire, and his quarterback dreams are shattered. He breaks up with Hannah and decides to go to agricultural college to learn the family business. Bailey in the mean time gets old and passes away.

Don’t be too sad because Bailey is resurrected 5 times in this Film and he ultimately serves his purpose as a dog. Just to be there for his human companion. This movie had real scenarios from Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, Negligence, Loneliness, and Alcoholism. But it had a lot of brilliant emotions as well. Hope, laughter, bonding, community, love, and companionship. I personally give this movie a B+. It would have received and A- but my pettiness won’t allow me to do it because the bash cats throughout the film. Great movie for mature children. It is very slow but worth it.

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    1. Haha most def. My daughter just informed me that there is a video of one of the dogs being abused and she doesn’t want to see it. I didn’t realize that there was controversy to this film. Sigh*

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  1. Okay, I love my little cat Milo but also understand the love for puppies. I wanted to see this movie, but like your daughter, I was worried about the main character, Bailey. But I wish there were more feel good films out there to watch with family. Especially ones with real world problems.

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    1. There are great family films, unfortunately they don’t get promotion like they should. I really loved this movies perspective on things because even though there were bad things happening, it explained it with subtly for the younger viewers


    1. Yea, it’s a good movie. I didn’t know about the incident. But that was one bad trainer or person. I talked to my daughter and told her that we can’t let one apple spoil the bunch. She still didn’t wanna go. I understand.

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      1. Yea. I just feel like we can’t let one bad person ruin something. The actors or producers wasn’t involved. Just some bad dude

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      2. I actually took Dr. Garland’s approach and I told my daughter “I’m proud you stand for something.” Unfortunately our children overreact to everything and become hysterical with too many things. I told my daughter “See them Nikes you’re wearing? They’re made by Chinese kids who are being forced against their will who only make 7 cents an hour. Same with those leggings and jacket you are wearing!” Unfortunately out of sight out of mind it is with American culture.

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      3. I get that 🙂
        I’m just saying that they will want to protest/boycott EVERYTHING and you won’t be about to buy this because of that or this because of that and so on and so on….

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      4. Naw it’s the truth man. My daughters generation does not know what life is. Yes there’s bad things but cmon, are we really gonna rationalize everything that’s on social media. Hell like brotha Darryl Walker pointed out, all of our smartphones and computers have technology in it stolen from African slave labor. Etc.

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  2. If I watch this through my Firestick, is that still considered boycotting? :/
    I didn’t know you were a cat lover!!! I have 2 – would you like to babysit sometime? Maybe for a few months to a year? 😀

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    1. Hahahahah, I dunno about the firestick. Yes I love cats because they make you work for their affection. And they are super petty. Like they waltz into a room purring and meowing, sashaying their tail, and gives everyone a “general hi” hahahahahahah. I remember that cat in your video review about Kelly’s cookies, and that cat was not feeling it.

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      1. Lmao because he is the fat one. He was bothered that I didn’t share. You have to see our Instagram videos when he’s loving on me lol. And I swear I tell people all the time – dogs are loyal but the way that anyone can win their affection takes away from that. A cat has standards and confidence and knows their worth. Like a good woman! But people never want to deal with anything that makea them put in work, I tell you. Smh

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