The Couch Sports Visual Podcast (Vlog)

Video of episode #53 for your visual!!

Topics: Pleasantries & First World Problems (:55 – 6:10)The Charles Oakley Saga (6:12 – 12:20)Black in America[Mental Gentrification] (12:22 – 28:55) NBA Talk [3-Point shoot out predictions, Vince Carter balling at 40, #PistonsTalk, NBA Trade Deadline, How to fix the Nets & Kings]One Time For the Culture (55:20 – 1:06:20) Last minute sports news (1:20:25 – To the End)


18 thoughts on “The Couch Sports Visual Podcast (Vlog)

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  1. Y’all, I actually like the VLOG Better! I can see your facial expressions which makes the shit more hilarious.
    Oh and damn Dave, you scared me there for a second. I saw a little bit of Doughboy for a second…hand on 9mm hollering, “We got a problem here? We got a problem?”
    Then Tareau’s finger coming close to the screen (39:38 ish) scared me for a second! It looked HUGE!
    Loved the solos:
    Dave: “Blame it on the Rain”
    Tareau: “Hold on”
    Oh and Tareau……..”This pen hella cold” Damn!!!!……That’s cold Brah!
    Seriously, thanks for the shout out, loves!
    Y’all nuccas crazy! Jk!
    Excellent, informative and fun!

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    1. hahahahahhahaha I hella forgot to edit that part out!!! hahahahah got dammit! Welp glad you enjoyed it. I’m think we should do more of these, I think it will bring the audience closer to us. Well at least more than audio does

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      1. It will come. They say that when you turn in the direction you want to go, which you have, the Universe will pull you forward by bringing you the proper resources and people at the right time.

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