Bird Watching with T-Money 

One of my hobbies in life is bird watching. Yes you rarely see any brothas bird watching or hiking, right? Sucks because it’s awesome. Oh well, I was on my 4 mile walk on the San Francisco Bay trail, which is a trail that circles over 500 miles of the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay. These 2 videos, we see Mallards and Canadian Geese, and Western Gull harassing a Red Tailed Hawk. One of my goals on my bucket list is to spot a California Condor near Big Sur and also go to Falconry school. I would be so petty with my raptor and train it to do my bidding. His name shall be “Marcus Garvey” if it’s a male Hawks or “Pam Grier” if it’s a female hawk. Hahahahahah. Enjoy

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      1. Ohhhhhh hahahaha and the petty king just goes dethroned for the day. I will accept defeat this time Doctor Garland, but the petty war is far from over. *puts head down and retreats*

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  1. The softer side of Tbreeze! But it’s actually very fascinating!
    How did you get started? What piqued your curiosity about our feathered friends?
    Oh but you killed me with Pam Grier and Marcus Garvey!😂

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    1. I got started in 2011 when I first got my commercial licence. I was driving a his from Seattle to San Francisco and I saw a bald eagle soar. I never seen in the wild at that point. Plus I wanted to become a falconer just to train hawks to be petty hahahahaah

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    1. He was helps tryna play it off like he was doing duck stuff. You know swimming with his webbed feet in a circle, quacking, flapping his wings aggressively to assert his dominance. Hahahahah

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