Big Sean ‘I decided’ Album Review

Live From Woodward

On his fourth studio album, Big Sean has put together what he feels is his best, and his most personal album to date. With his last album going platinum, and his Sean going on a full court press of promotion, I decided was a must listen for me.

The intro was inspirational. It lined up with the entrepreneurial message I often speech. It’s a man, seeming to be talking to God, or thinking out loud about his life. Screaming this is not life!

Light (Feat. Jeremiah) Sampling Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends” song, (Alicia Keys also used the same sample), Big Sean starts this album off with some inspiration — Hip Hop style. This may be my favorite song on the album. Even with the slow melody, Sean is able to deliver a message such as the closing to each verse: “So when they take our fame, take our cribs, take…

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