The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 66

Pleasantries & Catching Up (:55 – 4:13) The fellas talk Video Games (4:15 – 6:09) & NBA vs NFL Marketing (6:10 – 15:08) NBA Talk [Pistons, Warriors, Spurs, NBA Softness] ( 15:09 – 28:28 END)


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6 thoughts on “The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 66

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    1. Yo, I’m going to seek sponsorship from some places, so if you want to put together a list of places you want to email, or want me to email, let me know. I’m going to put together a list in about an hour when I come back from the store

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      1. Hahaha. Naw but Grand Marnier, Smart Water, Chiquita bananas, Middleton black and milds, Hanson’s energy drink, E40s wine

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      2. Word. I’ll add those to the list. I actually emailed Grand Marnier twice. No reply. Not sure if I contacted the right person. I did contact Snickers, and they responded, but told me I hit up the wrong section, and gave me the right email to hit up

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