I’m a Warriors fan until….

That’s right I’m a Warriors fan until….. The team leaves and goes back across the Bay to San Francisco. Now I know it’s not far and yes will still be in the Bay Area but to me, it’s still a slap in the face (enter batman smack here). I’m from Oakland the “Town” the blue... Continue Reading →

Good Riddance Big Fundamental

Good riddance Timmy, goodbye, duces. Yes as a Warriors fan I’ve been waiting for 1 of 2 things to happen with the Big Gentle. Either Sign with a team in the East or retire. And today I got my wish I’ve had since the  ’97 draft. My first time really being into college hoops I... Continue Reading →

Whats the BIG DEAL???

               It’s no difference then someone leaving their previous employer for a better opportunity… Hell I have and I’ve been here 3 years now. But then again, I’m not Kevin Durant. I’m not a former MVP or scoring champ. No this isn’t NBA 2k My Player, it doesn’t count;... Continue Reading →

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