The boys morning routine

Hey there everybody. Enjoying your Saturday? What's for breakfast and where is my plate at? Smdh. Well anyways, here's a quick video on how my mornings with my sons are usually. Check it out real quick.

Saving money with T-Money Part #2

It's funny because, when you Google couponing and people saving money, you don't see a big, HANDSOME black dude, right??? Hahahhaha. What you don't believe me? Here's the link of Google images. Just think, there's a coupon for almost everything. I've used coupons on dates šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰, I've used coupons on health care, on fuel, on... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Petty List of argumentsĀ 

We worry so much in life, right? Bills, health insurance, car notes, rent, mortgage, children, etc. Well it's time for some dam comedy. Yes yours truly, the  MOST STRAIGHT, PETTIEST MAN aka PETTYKANG is here to help. So check this out.  Who doesn't love a good argument? Especially when you are either on the winning... Continue Reading →

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