Apology to the Native American

Dear Native Americans, Please forgive me for this sin I missed the boat this morning To see the sunrise gathering We were condition to fight one another From Blacks killing you in war To you enslaving a few of our brothers Your earth mother We help destroyed by aiding the capitalism struggle You cry for... Continue Reading →

My glutinous vacation to Detroit FAT MAN T

I deserved a vacation. It's been 5 years since. Wow 5 years. Considering all the drama this year in my life, it was time to go away. You're probably thinking, "Who in the hell picks Detroit for a vacay?" Well I do sir/madam. I had to see a city that was predominantly Black. You have... Continue Reading →

Detroit is Beautiful

Over the last couple of months of exploring my new host city, I've heard the negative comments, from those in the suburbs, as well as those back home. From people who have never been to Detroit, and those who hate it for one reason or the other. What I've found is, people just want to... Continue Reading →

Haley and Daisy by Tareau Barron

*Warning, the following poem contains adult content* It's Deja Vu With every woman I dated "He's a no good nigga!" But you let him deeply penetrated While I'm confused you Constantly reiterated Essence of him on your skin Every time I see you naked If he's a dog, you're a female which makes you feel... Continue Reading →

Will the Cubs choke?

Dear Chicago Cubs, LONG SIGH. I'M HATING LOL! 👏👏. CONGRATS on the win.You just beat my Giants. The even year curse comes to an end. Honestly, this was a helluva series. The Gigantes fought, but errant pitching from out bullpen, cost us another chance at a title. It's funny because pre Allstar game, the San... Continue Reading →

Everything is Business

Look around. Seriously look around. Look at everything you own, and… “own.” Think about how much it cost. Was it worth it? How much is it used? Everything around or near you cost money. Everything! You’re conditioned to believe you need to spend your money, on things you don’t need. Modern day society can’t go... Continue Reading →

I see RED!

    They say red is the color of aggression/ Over looked/ left for dead A violently expression Angrily/ I can't see the blatancy/ Misunderstood Yes/ I'll holster my hostility Pure as they come/ Yet your passed over for some/ Purity/ Wealth/ Life/ Doesn't equal your fun They see you when they're mad/ You're ignored... Continue Reading →

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