Product of Your Environment

It’s always been said, that the best boxers come from the worst of backgrounds.  The same goes for most athletes. Pressure makes diamonds, and like a wise woman once told me,  “Nothing makes you move like discomfort.”  What makes one successful? Is it being mentally stronger than everyone else? Perseverance? Work ethic? Is it planning and executing? If you have the right connections you may have access to things others will never know about. For example, Steph Curry grew up with an NBA father, NBA caliber shooting coaches, NBA players—essentially any and every tool for success were at his fingertips—if he so needed them. Look at someone like LeBron James, who grew up in less fortunate circumstances, in Akron,OH to a 16 year old single parent with nothing.  He’s in the NBA from sheer hunger, and the determination to get out of a situation. In this piece I’m going to…

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America has long been obsessed with celebrities. Turn on your television and behold, a plethora of celebrity based shows. TMZ, Inside Edition, hell, even your local nightly news has gotten in on the action. Why? In a word: Ratings. Americans have proved time and again, that they rather keep up on a rich strangers life, then their own. We... Continue Reading →

The Steph Curry Effect

What's the best way to score a basket? When I was growing up, the answer to that question was, you needed to get as close to the rim as possible. Get the highest percentage shot you could. Boy has that changed. We have 12 Players who have already taken over 200 three point attempts — and... Continue Reading →

Andre Drummond Versus the New NBA

Palace of Pistons

Image: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports Image: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

To be a big man in today’s NBA is likely frustrating. Gone are the days of playing alongside playmakers such as a Jason Kidd, an Isiah Thomas, or John Stockton. Gone are the days of half court offense, running set plays where you touch the ball every possession. Maybe you get double-team in the post and kick it out to the open shooter. Maybe you go one one one against your peer with your best move. Pick & roll even.

In the decade of the shooter, today’s game is centered around athletic players who can shoot from anywhere on the court even if it isn’t a great shot.

Steph Curry is a world class deep threat. He stands alone in that respect, although much of the rest of the NBA believes they can shoot the way he does.

For big men who are legitimately skilled, you’re…

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Remember When?

Jim Brown, Arthur Ashe, Lew Alcindor(Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Muhammed Ali, Bill Russell.
The who’s who of the sports wing from the civil rights movement. Back then, when it came to the fight/and or plight of civil rights; you were either in it (all the way), or you were out (the opposition). These were serious times, if you don’t know any better ask your grandparents. Some of us can ask our own parents what it was like. As a professional athlete in those turbulent times—there was no, turn your warm up shirt inside out, then throw it on the floor— only to continue to play for a racist team owner. No. You sat out games to prove a point. If players felt injustice was afoot, they stood up like men, and hit the oppressor(s) where it hurt most. Their pockets. Human dignity should always come before anyones bottom line. You had to…

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The Maturation of Matthew

Megatron Who? Without arguably one of the best receivers to ever lace'em up, Matthew Stafford is leading the Detroit Lions to a winning record in 2016. Spreading the ball around, and—so far this season, more accurate than any point in his career. Maybe this is what happens when you are stripped of your security blanket. It forces... Continue Reading →

Fading (California) Dreams

Who doesn't California give a fuck about? Thats right you!   I wrote before about all the loyalty we show to the state, that it never reciprocates—I'm not sure y'all got the message. You see, I left. I bounced. I kicked rocks. I'm trying to get others to see the light. My gripe is with... Continue Reading →


How much is winning really valued? In recent years the topic of championship rings seems to be synonymous with greatness. What about the players who put their blood sweat and tears into their respective sport, but fell short of a title? Ae they any less great if they didn’t make it to the mountain top... Continue Reading →

Is the Future of the NBA in Good Hands?

Many NBA fans who come from past generations, have fond memories of greatness. Players we cling to from our childhood, ’til this day. Arguing the value of a players legacy that played decades ago. Which probably feels like centuries to younger fans. Kids of today (everyone under 21), only know of the Steph Curry’s, the LeBron’s,... Continue Reading →

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