Saving money with T-Money Part #2

It's funny because, when you Google couponing and people saving money, you don't see a big, HANDSOME black dude, right??? Hahahhaha. What you don't believe me? Here's the link of Google images. Just think, there's a coupon for almost everything. I've used coupons on dates 😉😉, I've used coupons on health care, on fuel, on... Continue Reading →

Autism/Special Needs Events.

One thing I love about the special needs community, is there is no white supremacy. There is no racism. There is no politics. There is no sexism. There is no police brutality. There is no xenophobia. There is no homophobia. There's just life. How can such an unknown and imperfect disease create such a perfect... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s NBA All Underrated team

Yes there are several of NBA players who do not get enough credit. Probably because ESPN and Bleacher Report and other major media outlets do not want the average sports fan to veer interests elsewhere. How do we give great players the shine and adulation that they deserve? You subscribe to 😆😆. So here's... Continue Reading →

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