Apology to the Native American

Dear Native Americans, Please forgive me for this sin I missed the boat this morning To see the sunrise gathering We were condition to fight one another From Blacks killing you in war To you enslaving a few of our brothers Your earth mother We help destroyed by aiding the capitalism struggle You cry for... Continue Reading →

My glutinous vacation to Detroit FAT MAN T

I deserved a vacation. It's been 5 years since. Wow 5 years. Considering all the drama this year in my life, it was time to go away. You're probably thinking, "Who in the hell picks Detroit for a vacay?" Well I do sir/madam. I had to see a city that was predominantly Black. You have... Continue Reading →

Haley and Daisy by Tareau Barron

*Warning, the following poem contains adult content* It's Deja Vu With every woman I dated "He's a no good nigga!" But you let him deeply penetrated While I'm confused you Constantly reiterated Essence of him on your skin Every time I see you naked If he's a dog, you're a female which makes you feel... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Black Business Dilemma 

  The Black Business Conundrum Yeeeeeessssss or Yaaaasssss as someone would say (*cough lady g* cough). I love to support Black Businesses. Let me reiterate: I love SUPPORTING Black businesses. From fashions, to tapestries, to food, to natural oils. I've been spending like crazy. However, spending as a Black consumer sometimes leaves you with a... Continue Reading →

Toronto Raptors 2016/17 season preview

  Congratulations to the Great White North, for making it very far in the playoffs. *side note, if the Raptors win a championship does Drake have to STOP dick riding his home team? I mean he rides everyone else, right?* For years, I doubted your ability to succeed in the post-season. After years of losing... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Challenge

Who wants to join me in a good 'ol fashioned weight loss challenge? You don’t have to tell the world your exact weight if you don’t want. But, I do expect honesty every Friday when telling if you lost or gained—and how much. I’m not the only one not where they want to be in... Continue Reading →

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