#PistonsTalk Vlog 3-16-17

Live From Woodward

The underground voice of the Detroit Pistons covers the Pistons latest woes, hold certain players accountable, and should the Pistons tank the rest of the season or aim for the highest seed possible.

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Tareau’s 10 Favorite Detroit Pistons players

Live From Woodward

What’s up motown. Yea man, I’ve always admired the Detroit Pistons style of play. Tough, rough, rugged, physical. When I was growing up in the late 80s and Early 90s, my 2 favorite teams were my Golden State Warriors and The Detroit Pistons. Too bad I couldn’t play ball at a young age, but as I got older, in the mid 90s, I rebounded like Rodman. Here’s my 10 Favorite Pistons in my lifetime and with respect to RickMahorn, BillLambier, AdrianDantley, DaveBing, and yes even you BrianCardinal hahaha they didn’t make my list. Nothing personal.

Hopefully the 2017 DetroitPistons will see our posts and gives them motivation to move up in the standings. I’m rooting for y’all Motown so no more inconsistency. Snatch that 6th seed as the underground voice of the Pistonshas been telling y’all. Let’s get it.

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REBLOG from publictransitassociation.com

Yo. What’s happening everyone. It’s Tareau here. So I’ve had my CDL for 6 years now. Dave actually convinced me to get my CDL. I have experience driving Leylands, Bluebirds, Temsa, MCIs, Setras, Freightliners, Prevosts, Van Hools, Ankais, and Gilligs. Today I am showing you the MCI. MCIs are smooth to drive and handles like […]... Continue Reading →

Cleveland Cavaliers break the 3pt record.

​https://youtu.be/RtTWJgMqVYA (press link)  Wow. As you know, I am no way a Cavs fan. However, I am a NBA fan and I must give credit where credit is due. Last night, March 3rd 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta. On a night where the ATL retired the great Pistol Pete's ... Continue Reading →

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 56

Pleasantries (:55 - 2:35) Spending your last dollar & stepping your Swindle game up (2:40 - 8:50) Breaking News NBA Trade Talk & NBA All Star weekend (8:51 - 58:30) Do our taste buds deceive us? (58:32 - 1:03:28) NBA Gentrification (1:03::30 - 1:07:40) Elitist vs Everybody (1:07:44 - 1:16:30) More NBA Trade Talk & We... Continue Reading →

Anquan Boldin is not done, in my eyes!

Live From Woodward


(Photo Courtesy of Raj Mehta, USA TODAY Sports)

Hey there, what’s happening Detroit? It’s Tareau Barron, San Francisco’s own. But y’all can call me “Detroit’s step son!” I’ve visited Detroit back in November and it was awesome. So I feel like I’m qualified to speaking on some things. What you don’t believe me? See for yourself! 20161110_132514.jpg20161110_135830.jpg

Bam! Proof! I’ve got the receipts. Anyways, enough about me. Let’s talk about Mr. Anquan Boldin. Man it hurt when he left my 49ers but he needed to leave due to our team sucking. I’m happy he was able to be serviceable with another team. Anquan Boldin is actually open to resigning back with the Lions for this up coming season. How happy are you to hear that? Boldin had 67 receptions for 584 receiving yards, with 8 touchdowns. Not bad for the 3rd fiddle, right? Behind Golden Tate’s 1,077 receiving yards (4 td’s) and…

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