Tareau’s NBA Predictions 2016/17 Season

Yea I waited a little to do my predictions. A lot of things can factor into Allstar selections, MVP voting, records, awards, etc. So here we go. Western Conference Allstar Starters Starting Center: Anthony Davis Starting Power Forward: Blake Griffin Starting Small Forward: Kevin Durant Starting Shooting Guard: James Harden Starting Point Guard: Steph Curry... Continue Reading →

Toronto Raptors 2016/17 season preview

  Congratulations to the Great White North, for making it very far in the playoffs. *side note, if the Raptors win a championship does Drake have to STOP dick riding his home team? I mean he rides everyone else, right?* For years, I doubted your ability to succeed in the post-season. After years of losing... Continue Reading →

Washington Wizards 2016/17 Season Preview

Basketball season starts soon and I couldn't be happier. Last seasons, my Warriors got punked by the CAVS and lost in a historic 7 games series. That left a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm talking about eating Liver, with Brussel Sprouts, and Horseradish. (Yuuuccckkkk). Here at thecouchsports.com we are going to preview each of the... Continue Reading →

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