Movie Review #16: The Lego Batman Movie

Lmfao, I'm still in tears because of this movie. Wait but hold on! Y'all don't believe me about sneaking food in, huh? Yea, with the sauce too! What? Yea I said it. Them Egg Rolls didn't make it past the pre-previews. You know what I'm talking about? How you go watch a movie, and the... Continue Reading →

Movie Review #15: A Dog’s Purpose 

*DISCLAIMER, I SAW THIS MOVIE BEFORE KNOWING ABOUT THE ABUSE ALLEGATIONS. I DON'T SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE, BUT I WILL NOT LET ONE BAD APPLE RUIN A GREAT FILM.* Been a while, right? Yes it has. Well the movies that are out now, honestly I don't care for. I wanted to see this movie for a... Continue Reading →

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