Son of Malcolm

52 years ago today, one of the greatest men to ever grace the planet, was assassinated.  America teaches you, if you are going to love a black man, it has to be one who's message is that of inclusivity. He has to be all smiles, and preach patriotic, wholesomeness. Play it safe. Don't rock the boat. Anyone who conveys... Continue Reading →

The Couch Sports Podcast EP.53

Pleasantries & First World Problems (:55 - 6:10), The Charles Oakley Saga (6:12 - 12:20), Black in America, [Mental Gentrification] (12:22 - 28:55) NBA Talk [3-Point shoot out predictions, Vince Carter balling at 40, #PistonsTalk, NBA Trade Deadline, How to fix the Nets & Kings], One Time For the Culture (55:20 - 1:06:20) Last minute sports news... Continue Reading →

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