The Importance of Representation

Always being expected to be the entertainment begets more of the same. So our kids don't aspire to be more, and no one expects anything more. I want better.

Movie Review Almost Christmas 

Siggghhhhh, who would of thought my punk ass would ever become a jerk who reviews things. You can go to anyone else's site for their opinion but no, you clicked on my post didn't ya? Ok I'll humor you. I'll start doing movie reviews. I am a cinemark member and there is a movie theater... Continue Reading →

Apology to the Native American

Dear Native Americans, Please forgive me for this sin I missed the boat this morning To see the sunrise gathering We were condition to fight one another From Blacks killing you in war To you enslaving a few of our brothers Your earth mother We help destroyed by aiding the capitalism struggle You cry for... Continue Reading →


After all the dust has settled on football Sunday, most NFL fans jump into their familiar routines. Some begin to mentally prepare for Monday morning work, some shower, or even eat a late dinner. Myself on the other hand, I carefully comb through the statistics of quarterbacks, black quarterbacks. The subject of African-American signal callers is one... Continue Reading →

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