Holding Steph Curry accountable.. How can a die hard Warrior’s fan say these things!

Yes I went there. How can a die hard Warrior's fan for over 23 years, utter those words? It's blasphemous! Yea well I don't care. There is alot of questions surrounding Steph's mental toughness right now and its not hard to ignore. How can a 2 time MVP not win the finals MVP?  How can you... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wire

 NBA Tip-Off  The Golden State Warriors played  opening night  with no energy and no heart. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were the only two Warriors playing worth a damn. There was no energy until about 3:30 left in the second quarter. When the above mentioned duo decided, the hell with everybody else on this team!... Continue Reading →

Is the Future of the NBA in Good Hands?

Many NBA fans who come from past generations, have fond memories of greatness. Players we cling to from our childhood, ’til this day. Arguing the value of a players legacy that played decades ago. Which probably feels like centuries to younger fans. Kids of today (everyone under 21), only know of the Steph Curry’s, the LeBron’s,... Continue Reading →

Dave’s Top 10 NBA Jerseys of All-Time

10. Toronto Raptors (1996) The duo of Marcus Camby and Damon Stoudamire gave Michael Jordan and your precious Bulls one of those 10 losses 20 years ago in these beauties!     9. Phoenix Suns black jerseys  (Mid-90's) Debated wheter to go purple or black for a while. The black definitely stands out more,  ... Continue Reading →

They deserved it

Yes indeed. The Cavs deserved that championship last night. From J.R. Smith shooting like J.R knows how, to Richard Jefferson playing like it’s 2002/03, to Tristan Thompson showing the world that he is worth max money, to the 2 SUPERSTARS on the Cavs playing up to their moniker. But that’s not what I am writing... Continue Reading →

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