Daves Top 10 Shoes of the 2000’s

I'm back with more eye candy!!

Top 10 + 1 Shoe Wishlist 2017

If you know The Dave, then you know I have a thing for shoes. Runs in my blood. It's not many things better than having a collection of shoes to choose from. I love to dress, and shoes are my domain! I put together a list of shoes I plan, or would love to get my... Continue Reading →


I'm all about supporting our businesses as I mentioned. Shout Out to fellow blogger blackgirldown. Thank you for sharing your art work with the world.

California Dreamin’

For my entire existence I've lived in California. Up North mostly—from Oakland, to San Francisco, Sacramento, and all the way down the coast to Los Angeles. The older I get, the more my mind wonders if California loves me as much as I—or it's inhabitants have. It's an interesting thought. Think about it, we rep this state... Continue Reading →

Dave’s Top 10 NBA Jerseys of All-Time

10. Toronto Raptors (1996) The duo of Marcus Camby and Damon Stoudamire gave Michael Jordan and your precious Bulls one of those 10 losses 20 years ago in these beauties!     9. Phoenix Suns black jerseys  (Mid-90's) Debated wheter to go purple or black for a while. The black definitely stands out more,  ... Continue Reading →


The rift between the longtime, hard-core fans and the..."Oh, this team starring the Splash Brothers, with The City printed on their uniforms and 4.4 million followers on Instagram are winning now"  aka, "casual fans" of the Golden State Warriors has brought the polarized topic of Bandwagoners' to the forefront.    When you hear the term 'Bandwagon'... Continue Reading →

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