Holding Steph Curry accountable.. How can a die hard Warrior’s fan say these things!

Yes I went there. How can a die hard Warrior's fan for over 23 years, utter those words? It's blasphemous! Yea well I don't care. There is alot of questions surrounding Steph's mental toughness right now and its not hard to ignore. How can a 2 time MVP not win the finals MVP?  How can you... Continue Reading →

Top 9 Point Guards (Remix)

Updated! I'm reconfiguring this list. A lot has changed since the first February. Certain players have proven me wrong, where a certain player proved he wasn't worth the spot I gave him. I'm talking to you Mr. Choke twice in the Finals. Link to the orginal post is here   After tossing and turning over making this list,... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wire

 NBA Tip-Off  The Golden State Warriors played  opening night  with no energy and no heart. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were the only two Warriors playing worth a damn. There was no energy until about 3:30 left in the second quarter. When the above mentioned duo decided, the hell with everybody else on this team!... Continue Reading →

The Disappointing Tale of Mark Jackson

 Somebody please!!! Can we as black people trade Mark Jackson? ( A la Chappelle Show racial draft), With no restrictions or provision. This dude is what we as hard working black Americans call coonery. This dude is just a disappointment. For a man who, not only did I look up to, but constantly defended in barbershop... Continue Reading →

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