Five Teams Who Need to Get There Shit Together!

Personally, I feel like there should be an official NBA rule, that states: If a team is bad for more than 5 years there should be a fine. Yes, I'm serious. You're just collecting NBA revenue, while getting over on fans. In no particular order, here's a list of teams who have been either shitty organizations,... Continue Reading →


Players that are more concerned with getting theirs than winning….or team. These shots don't equate to wins. I'm talking about players who have never seen a shot they didn't like. Oh, you were open? I didn't notice kind of players. I'm talking Deebo telling Red he didn't know he wanted his beach cruiser back ass... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wire

 NBA Tip-Off  The Golden State Warriors played  opening night  with no energy and no heart. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant were the only two Warriors playing worth a damn. There was no energy until about 3:30 left in the second quarter. When the above mentioned duo decided, the hell with everybody else on this team!... Continue Reading →

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