Dear Oakland, and Everyone Else

  Lets be completely honest right now. I mean gloves off, emotion out of it (at least for a couple of paragraphs), it's mostly people that's NOT from Oakland or who never even been to Oakland, hollering that "I'm a fan no matter what" shit. Lets be clear, Oakland needs a lot of help financially,... Continue Reading →

It’s Called Karma

Well, well, well. Look he has to come crawling back.   So the sky is falling for Mark Davis after he tried to do a backdoor deal behind the back of the most powerful man in Las Vegas, Sheldon Adelson, on January 30. And now word comes down that long time business associates of Adelson,... Continue Reading →

The Couch Sports Podcast EP. 43

Oakland better not support the Raiders if Vegas is approved, there is a such thing as too loyal, Monkey see — monkey do in the NBA, mid 90's rap (us singing all the jams), Generation X vs Millennials, Black People waking up and more! We had to much fun!!

Fading (California) Dreams

Who doesn't California give a fuck about? Thats right you!   I wrote before about all the loyalty we show to the state, that it never reciprocates—I'm not sure y'all got the message. You see, I left. I bounced. I kicked rocks. I'm trying to get others to see the light. My gripe is with... Continue Reading →

Football Season Predictions

  Here we are, finally, football season. 32 sets of fans beaming with hope in their eyes. Some feeling as though this year is the year for a break out season, others expecting total domination. And the rest of you… you know what's coming; but it's fun to dream right?The first game will be Thursday,... Continue Reading →

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