Movie Review #21: Logan 

Yea I snuck in some good ole fashioned Skittles and was waiting for this. Man oh man. If you're a Marvel Comics fan and an action movie fan, you MUST see this movie. Let's get into it.  Hugh Jackman is Logan aka Wolverine  (duh) and the Year is 2039. Logan's healing factor is failing him... Continue Reading →

Movie Reviews #2: Doctor Strange 

First of all, lets talk about what snacks I snuck into the movie Doctor Strange. I went to Jack N The Box to get those mini churros. (Yes im not suppose to be eating those but whatever) I honestly did not want to see Dr. Strange. Why? As a die hard Marvel Comics fan, I... Continue Reading →

Support #2

Shout out to fellow blogger Zwanjay for making this dope ass Wolverine hat for me. As a hat man and a die hard Marvel comics fan, I really appreciate it. Y'all see that poster in the background? That poster is older than my kids. I've had that poster for almost 20 years now. As I... Continue Reading →

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