Movie Review #21: Logan 

Yea I snuck in some good ole fashioned Skittles and was waiting for this. Man oh man. If you're a Marvel Comics fan and an action movie fan, you MUST see this movie. Let's get into it.  Hugh Jackman is Logan aka Wolverine  (duh) and the Year is 2039. Logan's healing factor is failing him... Continue Reading →

Movie Review #19: Rock Dog

Snuck in some Butterfinger minis for this one. Rock Dog is an animated film about a young bullmastiff named Bodi (voiced by Luke Wilson) who lives in a remote village in China. His father Khampa  (voiced by J.K. Simmons) is the guardian of the town's inhabitants who are sheep. Long ago the village would make music... Continue Reading →

Movie Review #14: Sleepless

Ok sooooooooooo. Sigh. Despite getting free popcorn and sneaking in my usual Mike and Ike's, I was annoyed at this film. Let's get right into it. Jaime Foxx stars as Vincent Downs. A divorcee, single father who is a cop for the Las Vegas Police Department. The movie starts off with a bang. A heist. Vincent Downs... Continue Reading →

Movie Review #11: Sing

Arrrrgggghhh. I lost my movie stub again. Anyways, I snuck in Peanut Butter M&M's and apple slices. Ha. Sing is an animated, singing film that will slightly entertain everyone. The premise of this film is somewhat relatable to real life. Buster Moon  (Matthew McConaughey) is a Koala Bear who owns a theater and who's passion... Continue Reading →

Movie review #6: Fences

Riveting. Just Riveting. Man Viola Davis can cry her butt of, right? I could just end it right there. Man this movie had me going through the motions. I snuck in some Tropical Mike & Ikes, and kicked back and let the movie take me away. Denzel Washington plays Troy Maxson. Troy is a hard... Continue Reading →

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