The Importance of Representation

Always being expected to be the entertainment begets more of the same. So our kids don't aspire to be more, and no one expects anything more. I want better.

Are You Not Tired?

Are you not tired of stress?  From the stress of how much money you should have? Not living how they say you should? The pressure of not having "enough?" But what is enough? That question is subjective. That question stems from spending too much time on social media, a fake reality in  reality. The seed... Continue Reading →

Assault on Our Intelligence

There is a chance this wont be read, well because reading isn’t cool. People treat reading as if it were a chore. Reading according to popular culture, doesn’t make you rich. Nor does it make you famous. Reading is only deemed ok if it’s about what celebrity is fucking who, behind another celebrities back. And... Continue Reading →

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