Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuesdays #5

Yay. Ready for another edition? No you're probably not. Anyways haha https://youtu.be/6wOwBgQpWKY Jagged Edge f. Loon 'Promise (So So Def Remix)' This song samples LL Cool J's  "I need love" and is one of my favorite songs ever. I will tell you why on a future post (maybe), but man don't y'all miss Jagged Edge... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Three Tunes Tuedays #2

Well thank you for looking at my 1st music post last week. I got a good response so let's do it again. Alessia Cara "Here"  https://youtu.be/UKp2CrfmVfw Lmfao yes! I love this song. When I was a tour bus driver, my co workers daughter would always sing this song. I had no idea what she was... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s top 5 love songs 😉

*SPOILER ALERT ADULT CONTENT* There is a lot of hate, like real hate in today's society. Let's spread some love, shall we? I'm thankful for the 70's being instilled into my mind at a young age. Although I was born in the 80s, the 70s dominated my household. Today there is no love making music.... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s top 10 greasiest looking brothas of all time

King Petty Alert. Thats right, I am some ish on this one, so as a disclaimer, if you're not ready please leave. We talkin on this one. Ohhhhhh Yes. Lot of slang so keep up with me people. Greasy, Glistening, Sparkly, Shiny, Slick, Conniving, Dirty, Grimy, etc. You see people these gents take the cake. Just looking "guilty"or looking like "you did it" is enough for me to charge you with excessive greasiness. People who fit this criteria don't know that they are greasy. Hell you... Continue Reading →

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