Tareau’s 10 Favorite Detroit Pistons players

Live From Woodward

What’s up motown. Yea man, I’ve always admired the Detroit Pistons style of play. Tough, rough, rugged, physical. When I was growing up in the late 80s and Early 90s, my 2 favorite teams were my Golden State Warriors and The Detroit Pistons. Too bad I couldn’t play ball at a young age, but as I got older, in the mid 90s, I rebounded like Rodman. Here’s my 10 Favorite Pistons in my lifetime and with respect to RickMahorn, BillLambier, AdrianDantley, DaveBing, and yes even you BrianCardinal hahaha they didn’t make my list. Nothing personal.

Hopefully the 2017 DetroitPistons will see our posts and gives them motivation to move up in the standings. I’m rooting for y’all Motown so no more inconsistency. Snatch that 6th seed as the underground voice of the Pistonshas been telling y’all. Let’s get it.

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Top 10+1 Movies of the 90’s

Hello Ladies and Gents. I was on youtube watching all things 90's this week. To be honest, I grew horribly tired of these first "100 days" coverage and need a break. What I did realize, was how great those times were. "Remember those mu%^a F&%kin dances?" That movie didn't make the list, but I will... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Top 10 jerseys in NBA History

Yes. Yes. And yes again. Every die hard sports fan has a favorite jersey. Whether it’s a classic throwback, an every so often alternate, the same classic jersey with updated graphics and coloring, or even if it’s just a rival team who’s jersey you’ve grown accustom to over the years. I’m no different in the sense of a die hard sports fan. So here’s my crappie list. Keep in mind this is my list. Get your own dam unis. Ha ha ha


10. The 95/96 Forest green Milwaukee  Bucks alternate away Jerseys. Awww yes. These were retired in the 98/99 season. I used to love seeing Ray Allen, Glenn Robinson and Sam Cassell wearing these jerseys every so often. Hell even Tim Thomas and Darvin Ham too.


9. The 96/97 Utah Jazz away unis. These were a nice shade of purple with the mountain in the background. Utah had success…

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Top 10 favorite football players

This top ten list will show you all ten of my favorite players that some of you will probably agree with.   10: Odell beckham Odell beckham is my 10th favorite because of the crazy plays he routinely makes. The above GIF is a perfect example.   9: Devin Hester Devin Hester is the best punt/kick... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s top 10 childhood crushes.

There was a time when women seemed more confident and booty implants, surgeries, lipo, and enhancers were taboo. They were natural women. So with no further explanation needed let's get it. 10. Lark Voorhies aka Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell. Man I was mad that Zach Morris hooked up with all 3 of... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Top 10 Sports Movies

Oh wtf? You can't let us rest man? You got another list? You are so annoying. Yes. Yes I am. Considering that you think I am annoying I'll make my top ten list brief. (My audience had a short att.... Hey what's this over here) KEEP IN Mind I'm not traditional so Rudy, basketball diaries,... Continue Reading →

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