How To Fix The Bulls in 5 Easy Steps

My new host city of Chicago. This sports crazed town has shown me people like me exist. You know, those people who talk sports all day like that's all that's going on in the world. One thing I quickly found out, was the Bulls are a big, big deal here; regardless of record. I watched... Continue Reading →

NFL Top 5 Under 25

With the NBA dominating the headlines as of late, there has been less football talk then usual this time of year. We are less than a month away from preseason, and I wanted to give a closure look to players you need to be on the lookout for this upcoming season. 5 players you will... Continue Reading →

NBA Top 5 Under 25

There is plenty of talent in the Association, everywhere  you look. As I touched on in my previous article, The Youth Movement, there is a power shift brewing. So, I put together a list for those in the loop, and those who need someone outside of their favorite team to watch out for. This is the first of two... Continue Reading →

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