Jazz vs Blazers Opening Night. Quick insight 

Tareau Barron's prediction for MVP this season went off last night. (No, not you Kawhi Leonard). I'm talking about Brookfield's own  (East Oakland Y'all) Damien Lillard. So, you are just going to ignore the Trail Blazers, right? Good. I'm glad. As you know I'm a die hard Warrior's fan 2nd but I am a die... Continue Reading →

Tareau’s Underrated Women in Hollywood #2. 20-11 List😉

LMFAO, That stupid wink emotions. Hahahaha. If you were wondering who didn't make Tareau's illustrious list the first time right? If you need a refresher here's the article I did a few months ago. Remember these are women in Hollywood how are beautiful and talented, just not talked about within the masses. Maybe I can... Continue Reading →

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