Everyone loves a Winner

Review of WWE 2017 Royal Rumble

Tareau’s top 10 wrestling moves of all time

Ahhhhh yes. Nothing screams alpha male than watching a whole bunch of half naked, Steroid using, oiled up, men grapple and manhandle each other in a square ring, in front of thousands of people. 😂😂😂😂😂. Hahahahaha. Dam. Yea I said it. But WWF wrestling (WWE now) was really big to me when I was growing... Continue Reading →

N.B.A. Ni**as Be Actin’

  When is enough — enough? The NBA golden chi…. The Face of the Association is definitely thinking about life after the NBA. LeBron James has been working on his acting chops for a while now.   Exhibit A First of all, (there are so many first of alls here) at 6'8,  270 lbs it's hard to believe... Continue Reading →

The revolving door of boredom

By  Tareau Barron   It's true! It's true! (In my Kurt Angel voice) Whatever is the writer talking about? Yo may ask. Well I'Lloyd tell you what I'm talking about. I'm talking about former athletes, coaches and general managers becoming commentators or analysts. It's overwhelming honestly, as a sports fan. It's an oversaturation of these... Continue Reading →

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